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Health issues that traffic accident victims should watch out for

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2024 | Personal Injury |

Incidents of distracted, reckless or impaired driving may lead to road accidents. Such ill-fated situations can cause severe damage to victims and their vehicles. Moreover, they can greatly affect the victims’ movement and livelihood if they cause serious injuries.

According to a study on road injuries and deaths, about 2.1 million people in the United States went to emergency units because of traffic crashes in 2020. Serious injuries can cause disability as well as grave economic damage to the victims and their dependents and loved ones. Therefore, the study declared that traffic accident injuries comprise a major public health issue that needs prompt attention and response.

Various health problems and risks

In addition, the study mentioned that traffic crashes can bring about major health problems. Whether an accident involves passenger cars, motorcycles or trucks, the following health issues may arise in road crash victims:

  • Blood loss: When the loss of blood is severe, there could be a need for an urgent blood transfusion.
  • Traumatic injuries: Any body part can experience traumatic injuries after a serious traffic crash. The most vulnerable body parts include the head, spine, chest and abdominal pelvis.
  • Hidden injuries: A road accident can also cause underlying injuries such as back trauma, penetrating spine and blunt organ trauma.

Meanwhile, traffic crash victims must also pay attention to other aspects of their well-being aside from their physical health. They should also check if the accident caused them depression, anxiety or trauma, which are signs of emotional or mental health issues.

Pursuing compensation for your healing

A traffic crash is an unfortunate incident that can overturn your life. In Indiana, you may pursue compensation for damages within two years of the accident.

Aside from filing claims for hospital bills and vehicle repairs, you may also seek damages for lost wages, physical pain, emotional distress and mental suffering. Fighting for such damages may hopefully pave the way for your holistic healing and recovery.

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