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Steps To Recovery: Your Best Response To An Accidental Injury

After a car accident, a slip-and-fall accident or a workplace injury, common sense and the demands of the situation will dictate some of the steps you should take, including the following:

At The Accident

Call 911 or otherwise request help from appropriate first responders, such as an ambulance, medical technician or company or school nurse.

– If your injury takes place at work, inform your supervisor or foreman right away.

– If possible, preserve any evidence that you can of the accident’s circumstances and/or your injuries. Evidence may include photographs, eyewitness accounts, eyewitness contact information and information about where your wrecked car has been towed. If you cannot gather these things, ask a companion or bystander to help.

Give basic information to law enforcement agents, your auto insurance company and others who may be creating reports about the accident. However, do not give recorded statements or discuss your opinion about who was at fault. Save these conversations for your attorney.

In The Aftermath

– While your family and friends will naturally want to know if you are hospitalized or otherwise incapacitated, you should refrain from discussing details of the accident or your condition with anyone except your doctor(s) and your lawyer. Do not post specific information on social media.

– Once you or your injured loved one has received a medical evaluation and been stabilized, contact a personal injury lawyer to request a free consultation. You deserve to know about your rights.

– When your medical team gives you directions or recommendations, follow those instructions to the best of your ability. You do not want to give an insurance company or another decision-maker the chance to say that you did not do your best to get well.

– If an insurance company makes a settlement offer, be prepared to decide to accept it or push for further negotiations and/or litigation. To make the right decision, you likely need the information and guidance that an experienced attorney can provide. Accepting an offer before you have finished healing as far as you will heal can be a costly mistake.

Get An Experienced Lawyer On Your Side

For best results after an accident, you should understand your rights and the process of recovering compensation. The sooner you have a skilled attorney on your case, the more chances there will be to succeed in your quest to be made whole again. Our Fort Wayne attorneys’ combined 50 years of experience can give your advocacy the edge you are looking for.

Request a free consultation to learn more. call Theisen Hubley Law, at 260-739-0759 or complete our online form.

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