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In Determined Pursuit Of Full Compensation After A Dog Bite Injury

A dog bite or attack is much more than an accident resulting in physical injury. For many people, it is a traumatic event that leaves lasting psychological wounds, as well. When Theisen Hubley Law, is your source of legal counsel after an animal attack, you can count on representation that takes into account all of your losses, injuries and resulting needs, including:

  • Emergency treatments
  • Follow-up medical care
  • A full evaluation for all repercussions, including infection, scarring and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Plastic surgery if warranted
  • Physical therapy if prescribed
  • Psychological counseling or similar help

Besides Physical Damage, Social And Psychological Effects May Linger

If your child was attacked and disfigured by a dog, you may be concerned about the potential reactions of classmates. Indeed, your son or daughter may require the ongoing support of a nurse, social worker or counselor at school to address any possible teasing or ostracization. Similarly, if you are an adult who suffered facial disfigurement from a dog bite or attack, you may wonder what impact it may have on your career or personal life.

Whatever the age of the dog bite victim and whatever resulting losses you must live with, our personal injury law firm in Fort Wayne, Indiana, can be your ally and champion as you recover. You or your child should receive the benefits of a legal remedy that honors the whole person and does not just address physical injuries. Our attorneys are ready to fight for your right to pursue appropriate compensation.

How We Can Facilitate A Strong Recovery

Our attorneys’ extensive experience and well-developed trial skills can be assets on your side. With a combined 50 years of experience, our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of many injured clients. We are ready to get right to work on all aspects of your case, including:

  • A determination of liability (Who was responsible for the dog?)
  • A prognosis of the lasting physical and emotional effects of the bite or attack wounds
  • Preparation of compelling arguments to present to a claims adjuster, judge or jury

Initial consultations are free. If we represent you, we will do so on a contingency basis. You will not owe attorney fees until you receive a settlement or verdict. To reach our law offices and get started, call 260-739-0759 or complete our online form.

Client Testimonials

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