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How inadequate product warnings result in severe injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Product warnings are crucial in consumer safety. These warnings are meant to prevent misuse and accidents that could result in injuries. Unfortunately, some manufacturers fail to meet these obligations, risking the safety of their end-user customers.

Consumers who fall victim to this negligence have to understand the relation of the lack of these product warnings and their injuries to build a strong case to hold the right entity accountable.

Connecting the dots

The lack of adequate product warnings can lead to serious accidents, transforming everyday products into potential hazards. Common products that, without proper warning or instructions, lead to severe injuries include the following:

  • Pharmaceuticals: Medicine, even as common as painkillers, should include a list of all potential side effects, such as strokes and heart attacks. Failure to adequately warn consumers about these side effects can support injury lawsuits against manufacturers.
  • Food: A lack of warning about potential allergens in a food product can lead to severe allergic reactions and risk injuries upon affected consumers.
  • Power tools: While a reasonable individual knows the hazards of power tools, the lack of adequate safety warnings or instructions can support their product liability claim against the manufacturer if it causes them injuries.
  • Toys: Many product liability cases are related to children’s toys. It is crucial for manufacturers to specify each danger and risk of the toys. Otherwise, it can cause serious injuries and they can be liable for damages. For instance, toys that include several small pieces, such as magnets and marbles, should have a choking hazard warning.
  • Cleaning products: Reports of severe burns and other injuries when using cleaning products have been recorded due to inadequate warnings labels on the products.

Indiana laws protect consumers against this specific type of negligence and provide legal support by allowing victims to sue and claim damages from the manufacturer.

A strong understanding of the product liability laws and a thorough review of your situation are essential when making a valid claim. Having a competent legal support can help you realize your goals.

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