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Serious injuries caused by dangerous property conditions

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2023 | Personal Injury |

When we are out and about, traveling to work or school or running errands, most of us don’t consider that we could be hurt by a dangerous property condition. In fact, there are several common ways that you can be injured and if you are, you may have the option to pursue compensation.

Dangerous property conditions

One of the most common situations involves a slip and fall that happens because of uneven surfaces like pavement, wet floors or sidewalks, inadequate lighting or an improperly maintained building. You may suffer an injury if there are no warning signs to alert you to dangerous conditions.

You can be hurt if you are exposed to hazardous materials on the property, like lead paint or asbestos. These substances can cause immediate harm as well as long-term respiratory problems or neurological issues.

If the residents at the property have pets, they should restrain and control them. If they don’t, you could be hurt by an animal bite or attack.


Dangerous property conditions can cause a wide range of injuries. These include fractures and broken bones, sprains, bruises and in serious cases, head and brain injuries that can be life-altering. You can also have skin irritation, burns, and cuts. If these are infected, it can cause scarring and pain.

In addition, you can have injuries to your joints and ligaments, including dislocation.

These injuries can result in expensive medical costs, time away from work and chronic pain and suffering. There is an option for you to pursue compensation from the property owner.

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