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5 ways to avoid deer-vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Deer are wild animals known to cross roads in search of food, shelter and mates. As human development continues to merge with deer’s natural habitat, there is an increased likelihood for Indiana drivers to encounter them in suburban areas, especially during mating season.

However, deer typically have unpredictable behavior. If they suddenly rush out of the woods and onto the highway, it can startle unsuspecting drivers and lead to car accidents.

Thus, knowing how to steer clear of deer-vehicle collisions can protect both drivers and deer from potentially fatal harm.

Reducing the risk of deer-related damage

Deer’s abrupt presence on the road can disrupt a driver’s flow and concentration. While challenging, motorists must not panic. Instead, they must calmly follow state police recommendations to prevent injuries or deaths:

  • Slow down and stay vigilant. Deer travel in herds, so there may be more of them around the area.
  • Use high beams to increase visibility at night. It can cast light on a deer by the side of the road.
  • Hit the brakes instead of swerving. Hitting the deer than other vehicles or fixed objects is also generally more secure.
  • Do not come near or touch a scared or confused deer. They can react erratically and cause severe damage.
  • Never leave the car. Call the authorities immediately for assistance.

The responding police can make an official report about the deer-related incident. Their account of the events can validate injured parties’ claim when recovering compensation under their supplemental insurance policies, such as comprehensive and medical payments coverage.

Facing deer-related dilemmas after the crash

Sometimes, even the most cautious drivers still suffer from a deer-related wreck. In the process, they may also hit other drivers for failing to abide by safety procedures. Without legal guidance, negotiating with other parties and their insurance companies can be complicated. Having an advocate can better position them to recover the financial relief they need to pay for medical bills and property damage.

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