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Saturation patrols yield multiple arrests in Fort Wayne

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Impaired driving injures and kills hundreds of citizens every year. As a response, the Indiana State Police (ISP) in Fort Wayne began an initiative to step up patrols around the city. Their recent report indicates that a significant number of people continue to practice dangerous driving behaviors.

ISP calls on citizens to help keep roadways safe

Someone who is drunk, under the influence of drugs or extremely tired, might find it difficult to drive safely. Impairments are dangerous because they can slow down a person’s reaction time or push them to make the wrong decisions. Not only do impaired drivers endanger themselves, but they can also put other road users and pedestrians at risk.

The ISP’s recent initiative against impaired driving involved the use of saturation patrols, a tactic where more troopers than usual patrol a certain area. Among the most common traffic violations were driving while intoxicated, drug possession and failing to use seatbelts.

Moreover, the ISP’s efforts also resulted in 241 traffic tickets and over 400 warnings. Still, they call on citizens to do their part in making roadways safer.

How citizens can contribute to roadway safety

Citizens can help make roadways safer by proactively reporting suspected impaired drivers and criminal activity. Additionally, they can lessen their risk of accidents and arrests by ensuring they are in good condition before getting behind the wheel.

Appointing a designated driver during a night out drinking or reaching out to a friend when too tired to drive are some practical strategies for getting home when driving is not an option. Small actions like these can help protect individuals from harm but also reduce the number of car accidents.

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