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Amputation rehabilitation team after a catastrophic crash

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2023 | Injuries, Personal Injury |

Some catastrophic car crashes can leave you so badly damaged that they severely injure a body part or even endanger your life. When this happens, amputation surgically cuts off the infected or diseased limb to relieve you from pain and prevent further harm.

Per the Amputee Coalition, of the 185,000 amputations across the country yearly, 45% account for traumatic causes. Of all the states, Indiana has one of the worst amputation rates.

The Indiana University School of Medicine expresses that favorable outcomes may be possible through coordinated efforts from the academe and the health system. Forming a comprehensive team of specialists with their pool of advanced resources may improve the quality of every amputee’s life.

Working together on an individualized plan

Your return to health after a major surgical procedure depends on the gravity of the injuries you sustained. But the operation may only be the start of a long road to recovery.

Given the delicate nature of your situation, having an entire rehabilitation team can help expedite your reintegration to normal functioning:

  • Physiatrist or physical medicine doctor: For development and management of treatment plan
  • Prosthetist and orthotist: For creation and fitting of customized artificial devices and additional supportive mechanisms, like braces and splints
  • Physical therapist: For prosthetic training, muscle coordination and flexibility
  • Occupational therapist: For meaningful functioning and eventual independence from a prosthetic
  • Rehabilitation psychologist: For coping with mental health struggles due to changes in body image and healthy acceptance of new handicapped reality

In fact, 36% of those suffering from a loss of limb injury experience depression. Others also endure feelings of anger, grief and anxiety.

These experts aim to collaborate on their processes and findings for your condition’s improvement. They evaluate relevant factors, such as age, diet, lifestyle, medical history and accident details. By doing so, they can come up with a personalized approach suitable to your circumstances.

It takes a village

While medical professionals team up to work on your rehabilitative care, your legal ally can work on a financial kind of recovery. With the amount of physical, financial and emotional losses you incurred, it will only be fitting to seek the maximum compensation possible. A fair settlement to pay for your bills can be possible if you’re willing to work under your counsel’s guidance.

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