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How might a catastrophic injury impact your life?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2023 | Personal Injury |

A catastrophic injury earns the title because of the way it alters your life. For most people, the impact will be great but could vary in how exactly it changes life for you.

There are three general ways that you will suffer an impact from a catastrophic injury.

Costs of an injury

Perhaps the one universal change for people who have a catastrophic injury is the financial impact. Such injuries are incredibly expensive. Not only will you have large medical bills but also you will need to pay for other associated costs. For example, if your injury causes paralysis, you may need to buy a new vehicle, renovate your home and learn a new profession.

Life with chronic pain

Another hallmark of many catastrophic injuries is chronic pain. You may have trouble finding any relief despite trying a multitude of treatments. Pain can easily take over your life and impact all other areas of it. It can cause changes in your personality, make it tough for you to function daily and lead to serious mental health issues.

Failure of relationships

Your injury may also greatly impact the relationships you have with others. Some people cannot deal with seeing a person they care about suffer, which could drive them away from you. You may have emotional changes that cause you to push people away. Your loved ones may feel you have changed and distance themselves. It is difficult to maintain relationships when you are suffering.

A catastrophic injury will change your life. It is essential when you are pursuing a personal injury claim that you take all these consequences into consideration.

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