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How to help children prevent dog bites

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Most children have an intrinsic attraction to animals. They habitually reach out to pet these four-legged beasties without thinking.

Though most canines remain harmless, particular circumstances make an attack more likely. As an adult, the burden rests on you to deliver preventive guidance.

Teach caution

Stress to little ones that they should never approach strange dogs. This rule must remain in place even when the hound appears affectionate. Some tail-waggers react in unpredictable ways when faced with sudden movements. Children might suddenly run forward, causing Fido to snap out of defensive instinct.

Teach calm

Unleashed strays sometimes approach youth without warning. In these scenarios, boys and girls should remain quiet and still. Sprinting could trigger a chase. Yelling, whether for help or from fear, is bound to increase agitation. If a charging hound does reach its target, the best action is curling into a ball on the ground. Explain these principles to precious ones as soon as the discussion is age-appropriate.

Teach communication

Dogs with rabies often exhibit strange behavior. Aggressive mutts may constantly dash around yards in unpredictable patterns. Kids play a critical role when they inform adults of these observations. Such knowledge allows you to take preventive measures that block potential tragedies. Instruct children on the proper ways to divulge when they see.

Immediate medical attention is necessary after a bite. Stress how important it is to tell an adult about any wounds.

Adults bear the responsibility of protecting innocent citizens from harm. Enlightening children on the dangers of dogs helps achieve this goal.

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