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What are the dangers of sharing the road with trucks?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

While navigating twisting turns and unfamiliar roads, you may see a truck near you swerving wildly or moving strangely.

Sharing the road with large vehicles like trucks includes knowing how to drive defensively and noticing when an unsafe situation may occur.

Less time to react

According to FleetNet America, one aspect of driving a truck that is different than driving a car is the ability of the driver to stop quickly and make turns without swinging the back end of the vehicle out. What seems like a short stopping distance to a car can be impossible for a truck to complete.

Following a truck too closely behind, such as tailgating, can put everyone in danger. Even a small obstacle can cause a semi to sideswipe or run into another vehicle, especially if the truck driver becomes distracted or feels sleepy.

Harder to spot

While it is easy to assume a trucker knows where you are at all times as you drive alongside the vehicle, blind spots can cause trouble. These spots are on both sides of the vehicle, as well as directly behind.

If you need to turn but the truck driver does not see you signal and does not slow down, then an accident may happen. A trucker attempting to change lanes can also mistakenly ignore or not see you in the lane next to them.

Needs more space

The turning radius of a truck is much wider than a car’s, which means you need to allow truckers space to swing their truck out into the lane near them. Taking your time to signal and following the road rules can help you both to share the road together.

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