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Is using voice-operated technology safe while driving?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Driving in Indiana presents many types of challenges, especially for motorists who text or email. In an effort to avoid distractions and causing collisions, some motorists use hands-free technology to text and email while they operate their vehicles. Though this type of technology might seem like a good safety feature, it can cause some drivers to become distracted. 

Distracted driving is a deadly habit that leads to car accidents that maim and takes lives. Here are some of the dangers of using hands-free features to text or email while operating a motor vehicle. 

Does not prevent distractions

Voice texting turns speech into words on a screen. Its ability to accurately transpose speech often requires users to avert their eyes from the road to see if their messages are correct before sending. Those few seconds that their attention is not on the roads is sometimes all it takes for accidents to occur. 

Creates a false sense of security

Sending, typing and reading texts or emails while driving is unlawful and highly unsafe. It is a deadly habit that many motorists find it challenging to break. Speech-to-text technology is an autonomous feature on many newer model vehicles and smart devices to influence purchase decisions and owner enjoyment. Motorists who rely on this fall prey to the false sense of security it provides. Voice texting carries many of the same dangers as regular texting and can lead to an over-dependence on its use. 

Activities that take a motorist’s mental, visual or physical attention off the roads are distractions. Distractions on the roads are often deadly for drivers, their passengers and pedestrians. 

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