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What are some common distractions for truck drivers?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Whenever you take a drive out on the road, you may notice a truck behind you or in front of you moving oddly around the lane.

This strange swerving and weaving often come from a distraction within or outside of the truck. Learning about the ways distractions put you in danger can help you as you navigate the roads.

Dispatching devices

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, one way truck drivers take their eyes and their mental focus off the road is by using dispatching devices frequently. These communication devices allow them to talk to other people and navigate, but drivers should not use them while actively on the road.

Phones and tablets

Taking a call while on the road or texting can put people in cars in great danger. Larger vehicles like trucks can easily ram into or sideswipe smaller ones like cars or motorcycles.

Even a few seconds of staring down at a cell phone screen or looking away from oncoming traffic can be deadly. It takes longer for a bigger vehicle to come to a complete stop, so the intensity of the accident can increase if truck drivers are not paying attention.

Food and drinks

Whether a truck driver tries to unwrap a burger or open a bottle of water, it can still distract him or her from other cars. Using one or both hands, along with focusing more on eating than navigating, can delay a reaction to a car switching lanes or exiting a highway.

Reaching the steering wheel and hitting the brakes in time is important for anyone operating a large truck.

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