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How do brain injuries impact financial tasks?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Personal Injury |

After a personal injury, you learned you sustained a brain injury. You have a positive prognosis, but while you recover and tend to your personal injury case, you must still fulfill your financial obligations. 

CreditCards.com explores how brain injuries alter your ability to tend to financial tasks. Understand the help you may require to pay your bills and take care of your finances. 

Trouble focusing

You already know how much concentration you must muster to pay bills, transfer funds and stick to your budget. Brain injuries may compromise your ability to focus, so do not overextend yourself or grow upset with yourself when you cannot stay on financial task the way you used to. 

Difficulty processing information

Counting out cash at the store or doing simple math in your head to settle a check may prove difficult for those with a brain injury. Paying with a debit card or bringing along someone to help you while shopping may benefit you. 

Problems learning new skills

Perhaps you want to learn a new way of budgeting and managing your financial health. Having a brain injury may create a learning block not only for learning new financial skills, but also for recalling new financial abilities. 

Trouble organizing and strategizing

Consider asking someone to help you organize and manage your bills and their due dates. Use technology to help with this task, or think about signing up for automatic payments so you do not incur late fees and risk damaging your credit. 

You must adjust to a new way of financial life after a brain injury. Understanding your new capabilities gives you one less thing to worry about. 

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