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How do dogs show their aggression in subtle ways?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Injuries |

Although many people think of dogs as cuddly and cute, they may not realize that dog bites can leave them in serious pain. Additionally, it can seem tough to notice when a dog is about to latch onto a person’s hand or other body part.

Learning more about how this animal shows that it is angry can help when people encounter it.

Stance and Look

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a person potentially in danger may notice that the dog near them is standing very stiffly and without moving. If this animal does not make any loud barks right away but still growls in a low tone, it could be a sign to back away.

These kinds of signals may not always seem easy to understand for everyone involved, since some dog owners may think their dog is trying to play with someone.

Lunging Forward or Fake Biting

A dog that feels angry may show teeth when a person approaches it or snap its jaw and teeth a few times. This person may also notice this animal try to nip at them after lunging forward, even if the bite does not break their skin.

Serious Bite and Latch

After a few of these signs, a dog could start to try to attack a person it thinks is entering its territory. In order to harm them, it may bite and latch onto this person’s hand or leg. A dog can also bite multiple times in quick succession.


When facing a dog bite, a person may not realize just how aggressive and strong this animal can be. The amount of aggression a dog shows can influence the size of the personal injury they get and how serious it is.

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