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How can the trucking industry reduce accidents?

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

Most accidents that happen on the roads are preventable. Rarely is there a true accident that had no warnings or known issues that would contribute to this final outcome.

The biggest issues that lead to truck accidents are well-known. There have been multiple studies on these accidents in an attempt to reduce them, and there are several things the industry can do right now that could have a big impact.

Increase training

Too many new drivers do not get enough training when starting out. Companies should be accountable for ensuring that drivers not only have the skills and knowledge to drive the trucks but also that drivers understand all the other aspects of safe trucking, including knowing how to secure cargo, weight limit requirements and techniques to drive safer.

Commit to safe driving

Companies need to take the lead when it comes to safety. They must institute programs that let drivers know safety is the top priority. They should set schedules with safe driving in mind, and they should enforce all safety rules and regulations. When leadership takes the initiative, it trickles down throughout the company and sets a mindset of safety for everyone.

Set reasonable schedules

While everyone within the trucking industry is under great pressure to get products moved fast, it should never come at the price of safety. Companies need to set reasonable schedules that will not push drivers to use unsafe practices.

Trucking companies can greatly influence safety within the industry. They need to step up and take responsibility, hold drivers accountable and prompt a safety mindset.

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