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How does increased vehicle speed affect car accident injuries?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Many factors can affect the outcome of a car accident, but speed usually plays a major role in the type and severity of injuries that may occur. EMC Insurance reports that for every 10 miles of accelerated speed, the risk of death as the result of an accident doubles. This can impact both drivers and their passengers.

Because speed has such a significant effect on car crash injuries, gaining insight into the correlation may help drivers avoid serious crashes and keep other motorists safe.

Science plays a role

The relation to speed and car crash injuries is a matter of science, as it involves several factors, including:

  • Velocity
  • Kinetic force
  • The weight of the vehicle

As a result, the heavier the vehicle, the longer it takes to brake. The greater the overall speed, the greater the likelihood of serious injuries for those involved.

Weather may play a role

The risk of serious injuries, such as spinal trauma or a brain injury, may increase during poor road conditions combined with speeding. Ice, snow and heavy rain can cause cars to slide or skid. Braking in time to avoid a crash in these conditions can become quite difficult or even impossible.

Speed and pedestrian injuries

A speeding vehicle can cause catastrophic injuries to pedestrians during a crash. The greater the speed, the greater the force of the impact when a car strikes a pedestrian. Increased speed can also propel a pedestrian off his or her feet and into a stationary object, such as a tree or the side of a building.

Repeated instances of speeding can also result in multiple fines and/or suspension of one’s driver’s license, as well as financial responsibility for any victim’s injuries.

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