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Tips for sharing the road with semi trucks

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | Personal Injury, Truck Accidents |

Whether you encounter them on interstates, highways or smaller roads making deliveries, semi-trucks are everywhere these days.

Crashes with semi-trucks often lead to serious injuries or fatalities due to the massive size and weight of the vehicles. However, following a few simple rules can help keep you safe around semis.

Never cut off a semi

Semi-trucks take longer to slow because of their size and weight. They cannot safely slam on their brakes without causing the load they carry to swerve or possibly topple over. Never cut off a semi for any reason because they may not be able to slow down before hitting you or causing an accident.

Avoid their blind spots

Blind spots are much larger for semis than for other vehicles. The right side of a semi-truck is the largest blind spot, often extending for several lanes. Avoid coasting along in the blind spot of a semi. Either slow down or pass these large vehicles. Stay where truck drivers can see you so they can change lanes and turn safely when necessary.

Pass quickly and do not stay beside them

If you choose to pass a semi-truck, do so quickly. Wait until you have enough room to fully pass on the left and get far enough ahead so the driver can see you before you accelerate. Stay out of the blind spot, pass quickly and make sure the semi is entirely in your rearview with extra space if you change lanes to get in front of the truck.

Be patient and make sure that your car is visible to any large vehicles near you whenever you are on the road. They have a better chance of avoiding collisions with you when they can see you.

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