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How can a fall on a construction site cause you serious harm?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2022 | Personal Injury |

When working with powerful vehicles and equipment, you may not think much about the dangers of falling off of a ledge or other place on a construction site.

However, there are actually many ways that a slip and fall can happen without any prior warning. Being aware of the issues that many workers face can help you if you are suffering from pain after an accident.

Lacking fall prevention

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, your workplace must provide you with the necessary safety items you need while you are on a scaffold, including harnesses and guardrails. These pieces of equipment should also be fully functional and without any cracks or rusted nails.

Any imperfections can cause the harness to break while you are using it, which can send you falling to the ground. Your workplace should always have someone checking for the quality of the safety equipment and replacing it if it is unusable.

Slipping on a loose tool

No matter how far above the ground you are, a sudden fall can leave you with severe back or spinal cord problems. This can happen when a coworker leaves their personal items or tools out without properly putting them away, especially on scaffolds high above the ground.

Sliding off an uneven walkway

People who construct and check scaffolds should always make sure to craft a platform that is level with the ground. An uneven platform or walkway can tilt and lead to you sliding or tripping while trying to walk around it.

If your workplace fails to maintain a clean and safe working environment, even small mistakes can lead to serious injuries.

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