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Can a TBI impact your relationships?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2021 | Personal Injury |

When dealing with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), most of the biggest symptoms that are easiest to notice revolve around physical issues or problems with cognitive thinking and memory.

Unfortunately, many victims like you will discover even more potential issues as time goes on. For example, TBIs can alter the way you interact with your loved ones, thus impacting and affecting your relationships.

Roadblocks caused by TBIs

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center takes a look at the impact traumatic brain injuries can have on life after an accident. TBIs often alter your life in ways you never could have expected or anticipated. As a wage earner, you may find yourself incapable of doing the job you once made money from. As a spouse or parent, you may find yourself suddenly incapable of fulfilling your duties and responsibilities.

This is often a huge source of frustration for you as the victim, but it can also leave your loved ones feeling unsettled, upset and frustrated as well. A spouse might end up forced to take on a job to help support the family, or might have to pick up where you left off in terms of home and childcare.

Breakdown of communication

Brain injuries often make communication harder, too. This lack of communication and the lowered impulse control that often accompanies TBIs can result in sudden and unwelcome personality changes, such as a formerly gentle spouse physically or verbally lashing out.

The lack of intimacy during convalescence can also leave a deep impact on any romantic relationship, and reluctance to speak of such matters can allow problems to fester until they are too far gone to fix. Compensation can help with some of these issues, however, which is often a good place for victims to start.

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