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Did your car crash fracture your skull?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2021 | Car Accidents |

When you get involved in a car crash, you will likely end up having to deal with injuries in the aftermath. These injuries may differ depending on the type of crash, the speed behind it and other factors.

However, damage to the head and skull will almost always constitute an emergency. If you suffer from such damage, you will want the knowledge needed to identify whether you are facing a fracture.

Neurological signs visible to observers

Merck Manual examines the possibility of a skull fracture after taking a blow to the head. Skull fractures can prove a severe issue for your neurological health and the effects often appear almost immediately, depending on severity.

Most of these signs will seem outwardly obvious to observers as well, which serves well in terms of quick identification and getting help as soon as possible. For example, a victim may experience full or partial paralysis of some or all limbs or even full paralysis of their entire body. Excruciating head pain or migraines may accompany it, along with frequent and repeated vomiting.

Potential cognitive difficulties and internal bleeding

Cognitive difficulties will often go hand in hand with these effects, frequently manifesting in confusion and muddle-headed thinking. A victim may not have any recognition of their surroundings or even the people they are with at the time.

If the brain begins to swell due to the force of a concussive blow, this can also create bleeding inside the head, especially if bits of a bone fragment from the fracture end up harming the soft tissue. You can check for bruises behind the ears and around the eyes, as blood will naturally pool at the hollow points.

If you notice any of these signs, you can contact medical help immediately to cut down on the possibility of permanent damage occurring.

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