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The cost of a spinal cord injury: What patients need to know

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Injuries |

Around 253,000 people in the United States are living with disabilities that result from a spinal cord injury. Each year, around 11,000 more people are hospitalized for spinal cord injuries.

There is no cure for a spinal cord injury, but rapid treatment and ongoing therapies can make a difference for patients. Recovery, at least to a degree, is usually possible. Recovery may require medications, surgeries, specialized treatment programs and other expensive treatment options.

It may not be a surprise to hear it, but living with a spinal cord injury can be extremely expensive. It has been estimated that the cost of living with high tetraplegia is over $1 million the first year and around $185,000 each subsequent year. Paraplegia could cost around a half-million dollars the first year, while the subsequent years could cost $70,000 or more, on average.

Each kind of spinal cord injury has its own potential costs. Every person is different, so it is difficult to know how much you’ll need to cover your medical care and other needs throughout life. However, with a strong estimate, you’ll be in a better position to fight for a fair settlement or award at trial.

Do spinal cord injuries really cost millions of dollars?

Victims of spinal cord injuries who get hurt in their mid-20s can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500,000 to over $4,000,000 to care for themselves following their injuries. They may need ongoing medical care, surgeries, medical equipment and other supports that make up these expenses.

Comparatively, someone who gets hurt when they’re 50 years old may need to spend over a million dollars to around $2,500,000 or more over the course of their lives.

Expenses range significantly because of variations in spinal cord injuries and the support that people need for those injuries. New treatments and improvements to treatments are coming out all the time, so it is important that people who have suffered spinal cord injuries have enough financial support to pursue these options as they become available.

spinal cord injury is life-changing. Those who are living with one deserve the financial support that they need.

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