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Be aware of a truck tire blow out

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

There are many reasons why large trucks produce a high risk of accidents. The size of them leads to many issues, such as requiring more stopping distance and vehicles going under the truck. They are heavier and bigger, which means when they are in an accident, they cause more damage.

However, these large trucks also have some dangers of which other drivers may not be aware. One good example of a serious hazard is a tire blow out.

Immediate danger

Large trucks can usually continue traveling just fine when they have a tire blow out. In fact, sometimes the driver will not know a tire blew out. The issue with a blow out is for drivers nearby.

The Roadway Safety Foundation explains a vehicle driving beside a truck when it has a tire blow out is at great risk of flying debris hitting his or her vehicle. If a large piece of tire hits a windshield, it can cause severe damage and make the driver lose control of his or her vehicle, leading to an accident.


Trucking Info explains that tire blow outs are a rare occurrence. However, when they do happen, they are usually preventable. Most blow outs happen because the tire is underinflated. An underinflated tire cannot handle the wear and heat from the road. It causes too much flexing of the sidewall, which will break it down and lead to an explosion.

If drivers check tires for proper inflation before hitting the road, it can reduce these rare occurrences even more. Also, keeping up on maintenance can help to guarantee tires are in good condition and inflated properly.

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