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Is your car ready for winter driving?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Indiana weather is not immune to brutal, midwest winters. Poor visibility, slick roadways, fog and careless driving all make winter car accidents a deadly hazard.

In anticipation of inclement weather and driving during the busy holiday season, you should winterize your car to maximize safety.

Check the battery and brakes

Take your car to the mechanic to winterize your vehicle. Have your battery replaced if necessary. The cold weather adds extra strain to vehicle batteries which cause them to die in the winter.

Winter roads also take a toll on your car’s brakes with the extra moisture and road salt. During the season, check the brake system a couple times.

Invest in winter tires

A set of all-weather or winter tires adds extra safety while driving. The right traction and more flexible tread for the road conditions helps avoid skidding, provides better control and secures your car to the roadways.

If your car already has the appropriate tires, then make sure to rotate them, putting the better tread tires in the rear.

Replace the wipers

Wiper blades wear out quickly when ice starts to form on your windshield. They are an affordable accessory, so make sure to replace the blades before the height of winter.

Refill brake and washer fluids

In the winter, brake fluid tends to collect water molecules and overall gets dirty, which is not healthy for your car. Replace the brake fluid with a product specifically rated for cold weather use.

Additionally, ensure that the washer fluid in your vehicle does not freeze in frigid conditions by selecting a special formula.

Review safety features

Look at your car manual or search and educate yourself on the built-in safety features. Familiarizing yourself before bad weather hits will lessen driving stress. Traction control helps your car on wet, snowy or icy conditions when trying to accelerate or decelerate. Anti-lock braking system assists in steering by restoring tire traction in emergencies.

Driving in the winter can be dangerous, but you can maximize safety and minimize stress by taking the proper precautions.

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