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Follow these tips for a safe winter commute

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Commuting in winter weather in Indiana may create all types of hazards and nerves. Staying safe from preventable accidents is more doable when you are aware of helpful tips to increase your protection in the snow.

While you may do your best to practice caution and vigilance, you cannot control the actions of others. However, with your effort to be careful, you can better control your own vehicle to hopefully avoid dangerous hazards before they threaten your safety.

Caution precedes efficiency

While you may follow the same routine during your commute each day, it is extra important that you refrain from multitasking while driving during wintertime. Even the slightest distraction may reduce your focus and create unavoidable tragedy. According to the AAA Exchange, never use cruise control when it is snowing or the road conditions are wet and icy. This lessens the control of your vehicle and can complicate your effort to react quickly if you encounter dangerous road conditions.

Additionally, they suggest you keep an emergency bag inside of your vehicle. Include survival gear like a first aid kit and medications, as well as some blankets, warm clothing, and food and water. You should always keep a snow scraper in your car and refrain from driving until all your windows are completely defrosted.

Winterizing makes a difference

As you anticipate the winter season, take a little extra time to winterize your vehicle. Check the condition of your tires. Each one should have adequate tread and air pressure should meet manufacturer recommendations. Make sure you have tools to remove your vehicle from a treacherous location if you get trapped. Ensure your brakes are in optimal condition and refill any depleted fluids.

If you would like to learn more about staying safe while driving, please visit our webpage.

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