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How can you pay bills after a personal injury?

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2020 | Personal Injury |

You recently settled into recovery mode after your injury. Now, you must turn your attention to taking care of bills and your financial health. You cannot work right now, so how should you satisfy bill collectors?

Securian Financial offers tips for those in your position. Learn how to cover financial obligations in accordance with your compromised ability.

Look into government programs

To help pay for groceries, apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program could aid you in covering your cooling and heating bills, even taking care of drafts in your home that inflate your energy bills in the summer and winter months.

Cut unnecessary spending

Look at your bank account and credit card statements from the last several months. Note unnecessary spending, such as subscription boxes for products you do not need or use. There could be yearly renewal or membership fees for services or products you could cancel. Depending on whether and how your injury physically limits you, you may want to either cancel or pause services such as gym membership fees. You may also want to consider eliminating streaming services in exchange for free local resources, such as checking out media from the library.

Cover credit cards and loans first

Prioritize making credit card and loan payments. Reach out to providers to let them know about your injury, asking about relief programs they offer to help ease your financial burden. You do not want to risk your credit score now, especially if you must take out a loan later to cover future medical bills and living expenses.

It is not a requirement that you struggle to pay bills while recovering from an injury. See how these tips work for you and your finances.

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