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Can speed limiters save lives?

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

Speed limiters or speed governors help regulate the speed of a large truck by preventing it from going above a set speed limit. 

According to the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, government officials want speed limiters on all large trucks. They cite research showing there are some benefits to the use of these devices and the potential that they could reduce accidents. Many companies already use these devices, which does not back up what the government says its research shows. 

Faulty research 

The opposition against speed limiters feels they would hurt safety overall. Limiting the speed of a large vehicle increases the differences between the truck and other vehicles on the road. In addition, high speed is not often a factor in truck accidents. 

There is also the issue that when trucks do speed, it is usually in lower speed zones, which is under the limiter’s capabilities to regulate since it can only set a maximum speed. Not to mention there are other issues with using these devices, such as the inability to safely pass a slower vehicle. 

Drivers are also against these devices. In surveys, most drivers say they do not want to work for a company that uses them. Many cite they feel it interferes with safety and profit as the main reason. 

Loss of profits 

While larger companies have mostly adopted the use of speed governors, smaller companies have not, and doing so would cause a large loss of profits. Not only would the companies have the initial investment of buying devices and installing then but also it would reduce the number of miles the trucks could travel each day. 

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