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Can Social Security reconsider my benefit denial?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Suffering a severe injury can negatively impact your life. You might lose the ability to work at your current job, depriving you of some if not all of your income. Some people in this position seek relief by applying for disability benefits from Social Security. Still, not all applicants receive approval of an initial request, which is why various appeal options are available.

According to the Social Security Administration, disability applicants can try to overturn an initial denial of disability through reconsideration. The SSA explains that reconsideration is the first level of appeal. If you want Social Security to reconsider its denial, you should do so within 60 days of Social Security turning down your application.

Requesting reconsideration

According to the SSA, a reconsideration of your request involves Social Security reviewing your claim by looking at the evidence you had previously submitted. In addition, you may submit new evidence that may help convince the SSA of the validity of your claim and your need for disability benefits.

You may ask for a reconsideration based upon the various reasons Social Security had denied your initial request. If the SSA had turned down your request for medical reasons, you can ask for a medical reconsideration. A Social Security employee who did not examine your initial request will review your claim. If Social Security denied your claim on grounds having nothing to with medical reasons, you may request a non-medical reconsideration.

Requesting other appeals

A reconsideration is just the first level in the appeal process. In the event your reconsideration does not succeed, you may appeal your application for benefits in other ways. You may request a hearing presided over by an administrative law judge. Additionally, you might seek a review by the Appeals Council, or as a last resort, a review by a federal court.

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