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Tips for driving safely in the dark

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Night driving is something that many people avoid because of how dangerous it is. Driving in the dark creates a scenario where you cannot see properly, which reduces reaction times and can easily lead to accidents. In fact, there are more accidents when the sun is down than there are during the day simply because of the additional risks.

Popular Mechanics explains that part of the reason why driving at night is so difficult is that the eye is not equipped to see well in the dark. Despite your headlights and streetlights that attempt to provide some clarity in the darkness, there are still complete areas outside of these illuminated spots that you cannot see. Your only option besides not driving in the dark is to learn some ways to be a safer night driver.

Keep your windshield clean

Any dust or dirt on your windshield will create glares that make it more difficult to see at night. Make sure you give your windows a good cleaning inside and out to remove any grime that could smear and affect your ability to see.

Reduce interior lighting

You may have had your parents tell you that it is illegal to ride with the interior lights turned on. This is a common thing parents tend to tell children. The truth is that it is not illegal, but it is harmful. Bright interior lights, even those on your dashboard, can make it more difficult for you to see as you drive, so a good rule is not to use interior lights and to dim your dashboard lights as much as possible to reduce ambient lighting.

Make sure your headlights have proper alignment

You should adjust your headlights as indicated by your vehicle manual. They should illuminate as far in front of your vehicle as possible without blinding oncoming traffic. You also need to make sure to clean the covers and remove any yellowing to allow the lights to be as bright as possible.

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