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Personal injury in the workplace

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Indiana workers take note: Workplace injuries may not always get the attention they should. Workers’ compensation insurance companies make more money when they pay out less.

What happens if you suffer serious injuries while on the job? In a perfect world, the workers’ comp carrier will ensure you receive the care you need to heal. The reality is this does not often happen. The lawyers here at Theisen Hubley Law, believe every person who needs help should receive it. We try to go the extra mile in educating the public on personal injury claims stemming from workplace accidents.

Personal injury claim filings 

When your future is in jeopardy because of your injuries, you may need to go outside the workers’ comp system. Filing a personal injury claim against the employer may result in a damages award. However, to receive this outcome, you must prove the company was culpable for your accident. Without some measure of negligence, a personal injury claim may not prevail.

Type of damages awarded 

There are three main categories of damages a court can grant a prevailing victim. The most common are compensatory damages. This amounts to the sum of money you have paid or lost because of the injury. General damages compensate pain, suffering and loss of consortium claims. A court may impose punitive damages if the negligence was particularly heinous and the injury catastrophic. This is a way the civil court can punish a defendant by awarding a large sum of money to the defendant.

A personal injury case can wind up taking a long time to resolve, but if may give you the best shot at recovery. Proceed to our webpage for further details.

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