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Legal protections for motorcyclists this motorcycle season

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Indianan Motorcycle accidents can cause debilitating injuries for victims. This blog recently discussed the types of damages that may be available to car accident victims. Motorcycle accident victims can also recover compensation for their damages, including physical, financial and emotional harm, suffered in a motorcycle accident through a personal injury claim for damages.

Motorcycle accident victims may need help with medical expenses, lost wages and the emotional harm that can be suffered in a motorcycle accident. They may be able to recover compensation for their damages from a negligent driver responsible for the accident. Motorcycle riders are 5 times more likely to be injured and 29 times more likely to be killed in an accident with a car than those traveling in cars. Motorcycle riders are uniquely vulnerable to harm on the roadways.

Drivers of passenger and other vehicles can help keep them safe by not driving while distracted or impaired and be taking precautions to watch out for motorcycle riders when changing lanes or making turns. Oftentimes motorcycle riders are not spotted by inattentive drivers, which can result in a motorcycle accident and catastrophic harm to the rider. Drivers can also help by accounting for the other unique challenges motorcycle riders face by ensuring they have enough space to maneuver and that the driver is not encroaching on the motorcyclist’s lane.

Drivers should also watch out for motorcycle riders on weekends when more are out and during the motorcycle season coming up as the weather improves. While drivers should take care to protect motorcycle riders and ensure they can ride safely, motorcycle accident victims should also be familiar with the legal protections available to them when harmed through a personal injury claim for damages.

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