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Help for victims of distracted drivers

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2018 | Car Accidents |

In recent years, researchers have been concerned about a rise in the number of accidents attributed to distracted driving. Much of the media attention to the problem has been devoted to the increasingly common dangers of people texting while driving, but in fact the category of distracted driving includes many other dangerous behaviors.

There are three primary types of distractions: cognitive distraction, which takes the driver’s mind off the roadway; visual distraction, which takes the driver’s eyes off the roadways; and manual distraction, which takes the driver’s hands off the steering wheel. Texting while driving is considered the most dangerous type of driver distraction because it combines all three types of distractions. Other forms of distracted driving include using a cell phone; operating a radio or navigation device; eating and drinking; talking with passengers; and grooming, among other behaviors.

The Department of Transportation reported that, in 2012, greater than 3,000 victims died in distracted driving-related accidents and more than 421,000 victims suffered injuries. A total of 17 percent of all car accidents that cause injuries involve distracted driving. Distracted driving includes any behavior while driving that removes the driver’s attention and focus from the roadway.

Distracted driving can result in serious injuries and harm to victims. Fortunately, legal protections are available to help victims of distracted drivers who have suffered damages.

Personal injury legal protections are available to victims of distracted driving-related accidents, which can help them seek compensation for the damages they suffered. It is important for victims of distracted drivers to be familiar with the options available to help them recover from the harm they have suffered.

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